Koshka Zine #3 Submission Guidelines

Skudra thoughtfully posed for me when I visited Riga back in 2012.

Skudra thoughtfully posed for me when I visited Riga back in 2012.

As you may or may not be aware of, I very sporadically publish a zine called Koshka, which is solely about the culture and history of Eastern Europe. Chicago Zine Fest is coming up in March and its high time I publish a new print issue. Yeah, I said the same thing in 2012 but let us consider that a false start—and if you submitted work then, I’ll be getting in touch with you to see if you’d still like to have it published.

This issue will have no theme so you are free to explore whatever you’d like, and by golly, has the east given us a lot to talk about lately—gay bigotry in Russia, the Sochi Olympics, starvation in Hungary, Pussy Riot members going missing and then being released, the Maxima tragedy in Latvia, and all the small things in-between. The details:






+This actually has been unclear before, so please understand that Koshka Zine is dedicated to publishing exclusively about the former Eastern Bloc countries/republics and their diaspora. However, you do not need to be of Eastern European origin to submit work, and in fact we love to hear a variety of voices from all walks of life.

+These, and more, are fair game: interviews, articles, history, personal narrative, reviews (books, films, art, etc), recipes/food, current events, rants, listicles.

+We don’t like to put a word count restraint but if something is too long, I’ll notify you and we can decide how you would like to edit the piece.

+PLEASE no writing that is unfairly biased towards specific ethnicities, religions, countries, regimes, etc. It should go without saying that we do not publish hate speech.


+The issue will be published in black and white, in US “half-size” (5.5 x 8.5 inches). Comics or art essays are limited to 4 pages, or 2 spreads. Please send 300dpi images. If you have large images, please use dropbox.com to send big files.

+Drawings, comics, photographs, collage, etc. are fair game. If you are sending art, please try to have a cohesive theme with a title and a short statement about your work, as it helps readers center the work.

+You can also write if you know someone who you think should be interviewed, whether they are an artist, author, farmer, etc etc!

Your submissions are greatly anticipated!

Graze Magazine #4

Graze_chickensMore good news!

I’ll have illustrations in the latest issue of Graze Magazine, which will be released on October 26th, 2013. My drawings accompany the article Homestead Farming for Old Punks by Kim Campbell.

Graze is a Chicago-based independent food magazine.  Look out for issue 4 later next month!



Upcoming Workshop: Artful Embroidery @ Spudnik Press


G is for Gorbachev, Embroidery and Applique on Fabric by Kaitlin Kostus, 2009

At last, summer is ending and the wonderful, imaginative time of fall and winter approaches! People always say I’m crazy for disliking summer so much, but it isn’t a very interesting or productive time for me.  Hunkering away in my cozy apartment and reading, watching, listening, thinking, and making is much more exciting for me.

If you’re in for learning a new skill this October, I’ll be teaching a one-day embroidery workshop at Spudnik Press! The class is geared as a crash-course for absolute beginners, so if you’ve always wanted to make embroidered arts or crafts but felt your fingers twist up at the thought, then this class is for you! Everyone will get their own pre-silkscreened sampler fabric to take home and by the end of the class you’ll be able to learn more complicated stitches and techniques on your own. There are still a few spots left so register as soon as possible! Another great plus is that is a budget friendly class at $35 (materials included)!

The Details:

Artful Embroidery with Kaitlin Kostus

Spudnik Press

1821 W. Hubbard St., Suite 302

Chicago, IL

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 from 6pm-9pm, $35 (non-members), $29.70 (members of Spudnik Press)




making hearts grow fonder

It’s been some time, yes. Lots of things have happened but my impatience in documentation makes a blogging process pretty fruitless. The phone company has decided I am entitled to a free iPhone so perhaps once I get that I’ll have a greater sense of intuition and speed at my fingertips, having survived this long in the present-future with a “dumb” phone.

Remember that quilt I began many supermoons ago? It blossomed into a work, a real piece of touchy textile space and time, that was shown at a show my MFA colleagues and I put on at Co-Prosperity Sphere. The show was titled “If All Else Fails” and was held for a fleeting weekend on the cusp of May and June. My body of work, hastily titled “Mental Health Day”, explored the tricky dichotomies at play when women are home bound and depressed…comfort into pain, home becoming prison, woman to animal, sanity vs. hysteria, feminist pressed against misogynistic psychiatric care, and so on. Contrary to what typically happens after the “birth” of a work (I want to never see it again), I really love this work tenderly.

Plans to upgrade my portfolio site are underway. Also, there’s some new things in the shop these days as well. We just spent a near fortune (for us) on veterinary bills (thank you mother nature for making a cat’s inner ear canal complicated and prone to severe infection), so a little cash flow and finding homes for things always warms my heart, and I thank everyone who has purchased any of my drawings, zines, or other works. It really means a lot!











making marks

Tomorrow is Chicago Zine Fest! Sadly, I didn’t have enough time to finish the new zine I am working on, but that’s okay, I’ll have loads of other stuff, including the fabric goods pictured here!(with fabrics available on their own at my Spoonflower shop)

Also very cool–the always lovely John Misfit included me in an article in Chicago’s Newcity paper about the My Life is an Open Book show! Thanks so much to John for writing this!

"Slipstreams" patterned fabric, available on my Spoonflower shop.

“Slipstreams” patterned fabric, available on my Spoonflower shop.





march madness

This month is a bit crazy, and I have a lot going on, a lot to prepare, and events!! Here’s what you can attend!

Women’s History Month Exhibition at the Lincoln-Belmont Chicago Public Library Branch
March 3rd-31st, 2013
1659 W. Melrose, Chicago, IL

Artist’s reception and talk with Audrey Schlofner on Thursday, March 7th, 6-8pm

I’m showing my series, The One Who Rises which was shown at Woman Made Gallery last spring. Audrey is showing some works she created while in Ireland, and so both our talks have a bit to do with travel and other countries/cultures. The work is up at the branch all month, and you can view it anytime during regular branch hours.

Day of Jani, acrylic gouache on paper, 2013. By Kaitlin Kostus.

Day of Jani, acrylic gouache on paper, 2013. By Kaitlin Kostus.

Chicago Zine Fest
Exhibitor tabling, Saturday, March 9th, 2013
Columbia College Chicago Conaway Center
1104 S. Wabash, Chicago, IL

CZF is super fun!! I’ll be tabling with Koshka Zine and a super-new personal zine, as well as some fiber goods made from my recent fabric samples. It’s a great day to walk around and check out the best in zines, and walk away with cheap and fascinating reading material. There’s also other events happening for Chicago Zine Fest!

My Life is an Open Book exhibition
University of Chicago Library Special Collections Research Center Gallery
January 14th- April 13th, 2013
1100 E. 57th St., Chicago, IL

I’m extremely proud to be a part of this exhibition exploring the perzine through a female lens! It was quite a surprise to me that I was included since the collection picks things up from time to time but you never officially hear about it. My zine from 2005, Ugly Cutie, is included. Sometimes I feel a bit embarrassed about works that old, but this work continually comes back to me. I think its topics really resonate with people for a number of reasons. If you’re outside of Chicago, there is also an online gallery here!

fun on the job for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I’m not very obsessive about holidays but I like Valentine’s Day a lot, despite it being really fake and corporate and over-advertised and all that stuff. This is mainly because A) I love chocolate, B) I love red hearts, C) I love making valentine cards for my friends, and D) Rob and I eat a fancy dinner, but never ON Valentine’s Day!! That would mean being in an overcrowded restaurant on a terrible night for quality food and service–so we always go sometime before or after, because it’s for us anyway and we don’t care.

The past two years I haven’t had much time to make valentines, which is a bit disappointing. Last year I was busy with my thesis and this year I am busy working and organizing my post-thesis existence. However, I was given a chance at work to have a little fun and create a Valentine’s Day window painting. I used acrylic paint, which was the suggested medium. It was odd using that on the inner side of the window, but apparently it will be removable. It’s likely coming down tonight or tomorrow night but maybe I’ll have a chance to do another window in the future.

NOTE: The pics aren’t great because it’s hard to photograph a mostly white window drawing while the lights are still on in the building. The text reads, “Cold Hands, Warm Heart…Hot Tea!”







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