sweet stuff

Today I finally got around to docu-drawing this amazing (and amazingly weird!) sugar packet from Latvia.  I came across it when we were in a “Latvian Tex-Mex” restaurant somewhere in Bauska that served mostly traditional Latvian food and then a single page of Tex-Mex food. Needless to say, we stuck with the Latvian food. It was only our second or third day there and I felt slightly embarrassed towards our new Latvian friends who drove us around that day, because who but me becomes strangely obsessed with a sugar packet? To me, it is cute to have a cat on anything but the naive handling of the wrapper overall is really odd. It makes me wonder if someone’s child actually drew the label design.

Cukurs, 2012. Pen and marker on paper. by Kaitlin Kostus.

Today Rob wanted to pick up his favorite Georgian bottled water, Borjomi, at Ukraina Deli so I chose a few candies from the bulk bin whose wrappers were quite fascinating. Hopefully I’ll get to drawing those sooner than later. My major connection for Eastern European foodstuffs is now closed though!! We tried to go to Ann’s Bakery and Deli, only to see a sign in the window stating ,”Closed UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE” and “CAUTION” all over the place. The shelves inside had been completely stripped of their wares, so we had no idea what happened. After some internet sleuthing, I found out that Ann’s failed their city inspection and had to shut down immediately. I wondered what the deal was and found the report online, and much of it had to do with poor refrigeration and rat fecal matter! Oddly enough, I kinda felt “meh” about it even though I’ve eaten their bread a million times, among other things. Yeah, I probably have consumed rat crap, or bread near rat crap. Oh well. I’m still alive and drawing!


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