New Webshop is up!

I finally sat down for all of 45 minutes to get the first two copies of Koshka Zine up on my new webshop atelier k. It’s funny when you think something will take forever and then it takes nothing close to forever, and you feel stupid for having put it off for so long. Atelier k will now be the permanent home of Koshka Zine’s commercial output, as well as all other purchase-worthy items of my own creation. I plan to add many of the original drawings shown on this very blog (not the ones from my sketchbook, obviously), printed items, original paintings, and anything else that comes up. I’m quite fond of the fact that the store color ended up being pastel pink, which is the only pink I like next to neon pink. Don’t get me started on the heinousness of magentas, especially when that magenta thing is a jewel-encrusted cell phone. Anyway, go buy something!


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