two events with exclamation points!

The weather has finally transitioned to the chilly side of things, which I prefer. I just want to be holed up in my apartment with tea and projects to work on. Things had been rough the past few weeks, as I was experiencing the wrath of allergies and my first official bout of asthma. After revisiting the doctor again a few days ago I am feeling much better; not being able to breathe properly really takes a toll on your energy levels and productivity. Oh, the woes of having multiple chronic health issues!

Anyhow, I have work in some upcoming events! And, oddly enough, both are taking place this month and involve exclamation points in their titles, although one takes place here in Chicago and the other in Paris!

SQUARED! Art + Community is an art walk with exhibitions in various spaces around my Logan Square neighborhood, including places of business. The event kicks off with the “opening” art walk this Saturday, October 13th from noon to 10pm, so there is a lot to see and do! If you can’t make it to the art walk, I think many exhibits stay up for the remainder of the month or more. I’m showing two drawings in the “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” exhibit at Cole’s Bar, 2338 N. Milwaukee avenue.

Drawing of Zhiguljovskoje beer for the Squared! event. This one was a real doozy at times but it was fun to draw. Plus all beer should come in shitty plastic bottles!

A close-up, shot quickly at nighttime, so many apologies for the quality.

Though not really “beer” by most standards, I also decided to show my kvass drawing. It is “children’s beer”, after all!

Then, sometime later this month (I believe beginning October 20th?) Koshka Zine #1 and #2 will be part of a zine exhibition/reading room at the Fanzines! Festival in Paris, France. I haven’t heard much since they received my submissions back in July, and there haven’t been many site updates so I hope it is still happening! I guess it is a zine fair with the exhibition of zines from all over the world, taking place at the Marguerite Duras Public Library in Paris. Then after the event, my zines will become part of their collection! So, if you’re in Paris around that time, please go and take some photos so I can see!


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