fun on the job for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I’m not very obsessive about holidays but I like Valentine’s Day a lot, despite it being really fake and corporate and over-advertised and all that stuff. This is mainly because A) I love chocolate, B) I love red hearts, C) I love making valentine cards for my friends, and D) Rob and I eat a fancy dinner, but never ON Valentine’s Day!! That would mean being in an overcrowded restaurant on a terrible night for quality food and service–so we always go sometime before or after, because it’s for us anyway and we don’t care.

The past two years I haven’t had much time to make valentines, which is a bit disappointing. Last year I was busy with my thesis and this year I am busy working and organizing my post-thesis existence. However, I was given a chance at work to have a little fun and create a Valentine’s Day window painting. I used acrylic paint, which was the suggested medium. It was odd using that on the inner side of the window, but apparently it will be removable. It’s likely coming down tonight or tomorrow night but maybe I’ll have a chance to do another window in the future.

NOTE: The pics aren’t great because it’s hard to photograph a mostly white window drawing while the lights are still on in the building. The text reads, “Cold Hands, Warm Heart…Hot Tea!”






One Comment on “fun on the job for Valentine’s Day”

  1. Jen says:

    That came out super cute. I love it!


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